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Chuka Shimeji

Product Number      21070CAN
Product Name          Chuka Shimeji
Description              Seasoned Mushroom & Mountain Vegetables
PKG Style                 8 pkg/ 1 kg (2.2 lbs)/ cs
Shelf Life                  Frozen 2 years / Refrigerated 5 days
Brand                        N/A 
Main Ingredients     Shimeji (White Mushroom), Bamboo Shoot, Mountain 
                                  Vegetable (Yamakurage), Sesame Seed, Sesame Oil
Key Feature             Ready to Eat
                                  Can be served both COLD & HOT
                                  Good Vegetarian Option
                                  NO Preservatives


Fully cooked Shimeji mushrooms and mountain vegetables marinated in light soy sesame sauce with a hint of chili. Chuka Shimeji is a good vegetarian side dish for any rice meals, as happy hour appetizers, and even on Ramen noodles! It can be served both cold and hot.


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