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Crispy Aji Fry

Aji Fry (deep fried Yellowstripe Scad) is an authentic Japanese deep-fried white fish,
found in traditional lunch/dinner combination meals as a delicious side
to warm steamed rice & miso soup.

Breaded with specialty cut 'Kensai Panko' (extra large bread crumbs),
Azuma Foods Aji Fry is the perfect size for creating
'Japanese Fry Teishoku/Bento (Fried Entree Meal)'.

Sliced into unique Butterfly shape with tail intact,
Aji Fry instantly adds flair to your Deep Fry dish.
Center bone is removed carefully for smooth meaty texture in every bite!

Serve with Tonkatsu Sauce and lemon for Japanese Style Fish & Chips!

Crispy Aji Fry