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Purple Yam & Sweet Potato

As temperature cools down, it's time to enjoy fall harvest.

While 'Pumpkin everything' has been in trend in recent years,
we at Azuma Foods encourage you to try something a little different.....


Just as sweet and tender as a regular pumpkin,
Purple Yams & Sweet Potatoes have been staple in Asian, African,
& Latino cuisines, most notably in North America as Filipino 'Ube' desserts.

While they appear very similar, the two are different vegetables
with different nutritional contents and origins.
'Sweet Potato' is related to morning glory family and has smooth skin,
while 'Yams' belong to the lily family and has rough skin much like a tree bark.

Although characteristic fruity/wine-like flavour is only apparent in Yams,
both vegetables feature beautiful Purple colours.
In both types, lush Lavendar colour is provided naturally by anthocyanin pigments
and makes them a perfect ingredient for adding a unique twist to
traditional root vegetable dish!

Purple Sweet Potato Tempura
Item #: 50357
Ready to serve, this pre-fried Vegetarian piece is perfect for creating
adventurous sushi rolls & appetizers!

Purple Yam Cheesecake
Item #: 41500
Ready to serve, just thaw and enjoy with a dollop of whip cream!
Rich & creamy and lightly sweetened to bring out delicate flavour.

Purple Yam & Sweet Potato