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Gindara No Kimo (Black Cod Liver)

Black Cod is one of the most decadent harvest of British Columbia, Canada.
Fish liver is a beloved delicacy, especially the Monkfish Liver, also known as
'Foie gras of the sea'.

Our new product Gindara No Kimo (steamed Black Cod Liver) only uses liver from
sustainably raised Canadian Black Cod, shipped direct from fishery for highest freshness standard. Each piece is hand-crafted into easy to use sausage shape,
and frozen using MAS freezing process to maintain smooth texture of liver.

Fully cooked and ready to eat, Gindara No Kimo is crafted to deliver distinctively
rich flavour. Using only Salt as seasoning, it's is best served cold with Japanese Ponzu
(citrus soy sauce) with grated horseradish & chives.

Serving Suggestions:
> Slice thinly over Seafood Hot Pot
> Mix with Brandy & Black Pepper for a quick P√Ęte
> Serve with Miso Marinated Black Cod to add extra creamy flavour

Gindara No Kimo (Black Cod Liver)