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Crawfish Salad

Summer is here, which means Lobster season is here!

Lobster Rolls are becoming such a popular summer dish,
even McDonald's carry them now. But...they can be very pricey.

Meet Crawfish (aka Crayfish), Lobster's freshwater cousin!

Similar in appearance and texture, these small crustaceans are
a great substitute for lobsters.
Eaten worldwide from Mexico to Scandinavia to China,
North American hot spot of Crawfish is Louisiana, USA.
Traditionally served boiled in Cajun spices and some vegetables,
these crawlers are a low-fat source of protein.
In Chinese cuisine, they are served with Sichuan Mala spices;
and in French they're used for Nantua sauce (Crayfish and Butter sauce).

Azuma Foods Crawfish Salad uses Wild-Caught Crawfish, Capilin Roe,
and has long-lasting mustard-mayo flavor.
Although originally developed for Lobster Sushi Roll
(hence the name 'Osushiya Salad'),
this salad also makes tasty and fancy Western dishes.

Mix with boiled potatoes for an easy and elegant potato salad,
or with bell peppers and celery for an excellent stuffed mushroom caps!
add to baked potato at your bbq!

Crawfish Salad