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Back to School Bento Box

Make Back-to-School exciting with COOL Bento Box lunch!

Originating in Japan, Bento Boxes are gaining popularity all over the world today. Traditionally created as portable meals away from home,
Bento Box style meals are seen throughout Japanese restaurants in North America.

Using a box container makes it easier to plan a healthy meal.
Generally it is set up to have one section each of
* Carbohydrates (Rice, Noodle, or Bread)
* Side Dish (Vegetables/Fruits)
* Main Dish (Protein)
* Appetizers/Garnish

Because you can see everything in one box, it's easy to notice the variety of
your ingredients choices. It's also a great way to Portion Control.
Kitchen savvy parents often make Bento Boxes an art project for their children,
by color coordinating and shaping ingredients into characters.

Western cuisine can be made into Bento Boxes too!
Regular sandwiches will look more appetizing Bento Box style.
And you can add extra sides of veggies for nutritional boost.
Mason Jar lunches are especially trendy now, which has
pretty much the same concept as Bento Boxes.

Whether you're stuck in an office or out in the field,
make lunch time fun time with bento box!
Our Azuma Foods products make great additions
as they require minimal cooking for busy mornings.
Here are some of our ideas you can try today:

Back to School Bento Box