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Meat-Free Holiday - Marinated Fish

It's getting cold outside. Stay healthy with these warm seafood dishes!

Fish is a great source of lean protein and healthy Omega fats.
And many wild-caught species are considered sustainable.
More and more restaurants are turning to seafood for new menu ideas,
as customer preference for unique fusion dishes continue to rise.

Simply delicious grilled or sauteed, let's try marinating this year!
A traditional favourite in Japanese restaurants,
Teriyaki salmon is surely becoming a uniquely modern holiday menu.

No time to marinate? No problem!
Try our Black Cod Misozuke today!
Hand crafted to bring out the most flavour,
each Black Cod fillet goes through a series of special steps
to reduce fishy odor and bring out natural sweetness.
Our sweet soybean paste sauce is best served with steamed vegetables or rice
Just pop one in the oven and enjoy!

Meat-Free Holiday - Marinated Fish