Caviar (Caviar)

Tobikko and Masago have a distinctive firm texture and exciting sparkle, adding a brilliant flair to any dish.


Salad (Salade)

Unique blends of healthy and traditional Japanese ingredients mixed in a fusion of robust marinades.


Sushi (Sushi)

Since our sushi series are blast frozen while fresh, we are able to maintain extremely high sanitation standards, a major concern in today's seafood marketplace.


Appetizer (Hor d'oeuvre)

AFCC's Appetizer/ Hor d'oeuvre creates fascinating impressions before main courses. Azuma Foods' vast experience in Asia and in North America enables us to provide our customers with unique and innovative products.

Pacific Rim

Fry & Grill (Frire et griller)

Increased demand of high quality prepared foods has led us to develop a line of products we call our Pacific Rim Seafood.

Others (Autre)