Gindara Saikyo Misozuke

Product Number 63187
Product Name Gindara Saikyo Misozuke
Miso Marinated Black Cod
Package Style 250 g
Shelf Life Frozen 2 years
Brands azuma-tei / Saikyo Miso
Main Ingredients Black Cod, Soybean Paste, Seasonings.


In 1830, Saikyo Miso was originally presented for use in Japan’s Imperial Palace. With 200 years of tradition & history, this rice-malt miso is elegantly light colored with mild sweetness and lightly salted.  


Our Miso Sauce brings out the delicate flavours of Saikyo Miso. A perfect match for Steamed Rice, Veggie Sticks, Grilled Fish, and more! 

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