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In our 20 years of business in Canada, we have delivered Japanese and Asian food culture along with our company’s products to Canadians. In recent years, ‘globalization of food culture’ is progressing at a very rapid speed. Canada is no exception with Japanese and Asian food culture adding variety and changing the ‘colour’ of what we eat.

‘Food Culture’, I believe changes when both the traditional is preserved and when the newly created are introduced in each time period.

The mission of the Azuma Foods Group is to contribute to the development of the world’s food culture by delivering products that ‘Fuse’ traditional Japanese food with other Asian and Western food cultures.

Azuma Foods Canada, while protecting the limited resources, will continue to strive to contribute to the development of food culture in Canada and produce safe and reliable products that will bring happiness to others.


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    As a manufacturer, Azuma Foods will continue to provide customers with new and innovative products to meet market demands.

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    Azuma Foods uses the latest technology to create safe, consistent products through increased productivity, all while being considerate of environmental issues.

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    Responding to market direction, Azuma Foods provides products targeted to specific geographic and demographic markets, staying current with the latest trends to best serve the customers’ needs.

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