Azuma Foods Canada Ltd. – Richmond, BC (Mitchell Island)

[QA/QC Specialist]


We are a growing Japanese food manufacturer/distributor and are looking for an individual who is energetic, motivated and has a desire to learn and advance together with our company.


Job Information:
QA/QC Specialist 


Terms of Employment:
Full-Time (Permanent)


Regular Work Hours:
Monday– Friday from 8:30 am – 5:00 pm


Main Job Responsibilities: 



– Monitor operation following established Food Safety System requirements

– Update and/or revise Procedures to meet practical needs 

– Inspect and/or sample Raw Materials and/or Products

– Conduct in-house Food Safety Trainings

– Assist in Food Safety non-compliance Investigation, Mock Recall, Internal Audit, etc. 

– Report to Department Manager when Food Safety/Quality non-conformance is identified

– Conduct Food Safety system verification


Details (below is list of job responsibilities, but not limited to those listed)

Reporting to department manager;


Routine tasks:

a. Prepare foot bath sanitizer daily, and monitor chemical concentration regularly

b. Monitor temperature of thawed materials, storage, coolers & freezers and record results.

c. Verify accuracy of production scales daily and other QC related monitoring equipment and record readings.

d. Personal hygiene / GMP monitoring, record non-compliance.

e. Verify proper function of Metal Detector / X-ray, record inspection results and isolate foreign material contamination when found.

f. Finished product weight check, label check, in-process QC, sensory evaluation &/or bacterial tests.

g. Collect test samples and finished product retain products

h. Complete daily Facility Sanitation Inspection and monthly facility inspection Checklist.

i. Pest control inspection.

j. Environmental swabs.

k. Report any injuries to department manager or supervisor and first aid attendant

l. Report any food safety issues to department manager or supervisor and QC department

Product tests:

a. Incoming raw material inspection.

b. InProcess QC tests using pH meter, salt meter, brix refractometer.

c. Microbiological tests – products & swabs

d. Sensory evaluation.


Pre-requisites, Knowledge, Skills Requirements: 


A. Education and experience

a. Completed minimum 2-year Food Technology, preferably 4-year Food Science or Health Science education.

b. Minimum 2 years experience of Quality Assurance in the food manufacturing industry.

c. Completed training in one of GFSI scheme is considered an asset.

d. Meet the requirements B – H below.

B. Work well with a team, possess positive attitude, willingness to learn and take responsibility.

C. Sound knowledge and understand GMP / HACCP control.

D. Possess problem solving and logical thinking skills.

E. Pay attention to detail

F. Have good time management.

G. Proficient in usage of computers, Words, Excel, and Outlook.


If you are interested, please email your resume to: or call 604-288-0005 (dial 5 for HR department and ask for Vu)