Azuma Foods Canada Ltd. – Richmond, BC (Mitchell Island)


We are a growing Japanese food manufacturer and distributor, and are currently looking for an individual who is energetic, looks forward to challenges and has a desire to learn and grow with our company.

Job Information:

Terms of Employment:
Full-Time (Permanent) 


$22-24 per hour

Regular Work Hours:
Monday– Friday from 8:30 am – 5:00 pm


General Task: 

  • Purchase the highest quality merchandise at the lowest possible price and in correct amounts. 
  • Find new items from suppliers which will be able to sell mainly in Canadian market.
  • Monitor changes affecting supply and demand, tracking market conditions, price trends, or future markets. 

Regular Purchasing Routine Task:  

  • Order items
      • Placing order
      • Issue PO, send PO to suppliers.
      • E-mail to suppliers for exchange condition and information
  • Incoming Order 
      • Collect shipping documents (BL CI, PL, Pack date, CPTPP etc.). Save and forward it to designated department (QC, Logistics, Procurement)
      • Update ETA schedules
  • Receiving
      • Registering items on Sage
      • Excel receiving document & the pack date list update
      • Submit invoice to Account dept.
  • Maintain existing items (all domestic & import finished items
  • Update items information (SPEC, Certificate, Price, etc.)
  • Update inventory counts
  • Handling claim
  • Request samples for new items, recipe changed items or any requests on boat or air.
  • Handling annual biological & chemical test
  • Regulation check
  • Maintain Import & domestic item check list
  • Update Future shipment document by end of every month
  • Announce AFJ internal exchange rate
    • Develop new suppliers and new items (domestic or + import items)
    • Research new domestic suppliers and products
    • Register suppliers and items on sage (suppliers’ information, set item #, prices, etc.)
    • Product design (SPEC, packages)
    • Arrange the samples to check the quality and tasting
    • Photo shooting for flyers and spec sheet (communicate with R&D)
    • Request and collect suppliers and items information to be approved

    Monthly close

    • Updating excel purchase form and work with procurement
    • (AFI Holdings report end of every month)


    Preparing NPD meeting

    • Create NPD meeting documents
    • Make summary



    • Domestic/International business trip (if needed)
    • Learn Safe Food for Canadian Regulation (SFCR)
    • Seasons’ greeting (Christmas & holidays)
    • Manage purchase sample pallet in freezer
    • Attend and exhibit events
    • As per direction of Dept manager, assistant manager or supervisor

      Skills & Qualifications: 

      • Excellent communication skills, both oral and written
      • Excellent negotiation and customer-service skills
      • Ability to conduct market comparisons, monitor trends, and identify potential suppliers
      • Being able to use Windows OS, Word, Excel, Outlook

      License, Certification Requirements:

      • BA or BS degree or equivalent
      • Driver’s license

      If you are interested, please email your resume to: