FAQFrequently Asked Questions

  • Q-025.

    Can I visit your factory?

    Due to our strict food safety system (FSSC22000), our factory is not open to general public. All visitors to our facility are monitored and regulated to follow our food safety protocols.

  • Q-023.

    Do you offer Custom Processing or Private Brand products?

    Yes, we offer custom processing. Our knowledgeble R&D team can assist in developing your ideas into reality. Please contact us for details.

  • Q-016.

    What is the size of your factory?

    Located in Richmond, B.C., our 30,000 sq. ft. factory is surrounded by the great natural beauty of our country, which strives to protect and ensure a bountiful supply of seafood resources.

  • Q-009.

    What type of Food safety protocol is Azuma Foods following?

    We follow a strict food safety system called FSSC22000. It is a 3rd party certification with auditing, that ensures safety of products in our operation during the entire product cycle.