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Vegetable Poke Salad

We are excited to announce the launch of new fusion dish
Vegetable Poke Salad !!

Inspired by the Hawaiian dish Poke (means 'to cut' in Hawaiian),
this new salad is a Power Bowl full of grains & beans perfect for a satisfying meal.

A robust combination of crisp Edamame, hearty Tofu & sweet Corn
is layered on tender bed of lightly seasoned Golden Quinoa,
harvested in beautiful British Columbia.

Marinaded in specialty Poke Sauce with extra Sesame Seed crunch,
this salad is served in two layers for unique gastronomical experience!

Menu Suggestions:
- Serve chilled with a touch of freshly squeezed lemon juice at your next BBQ!
- Vegetarian Sushi Cone - add a touch of soy sauce & roasted Nori seaweed
- Stuff & Bake in Shiitake Mushroom for easy Asian Stuffed Mushroom
- Mix well and serve as Hearty Snack Dip for rice cracker

Vegetable Poke Salad