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Hawaiian Poke

Originating in Hawaii, fresh fish and rice bowl called Poke is this year's emerging trend. Widely available in grocery stores, Hawaiians enjoy this Fish Tartare on its own or with sushi rice as a handy meal. Its origin is said to be as old as the island itself. Poke means 'to cut' in Hawaiian, and the dish is similar to Japanese 'Chirashi Sushi'. In fact, the currently popular soy sauce flavor was influenced by Japanese immigrants.

'Poke bowl' consists of

* Sushi Rice (Vinegar is important to balance raw fish flavour)
* Fresh Seafood, cut in chunks (most commonly Ahi Tuna, Salmon, Boiled Octopus)
* Vegetables, cut in chunks (Sweet Onion is the key to Poke flavour; Avocado, Seaweed)
* Toppings (Sesame Seed, Inamona (roasted crushed candlenut), Caviars)
* Sauce (Traditionally just Sea Salt; Soy Sauce, Sesame Oil, Spicy Sauce, etc.)

Since Poke is best served fresh, this dish is popular for its ability to be customized.
Other unique ingredients include Tofu, Cucumber, Carrots, and Sea Asparagus;
but possibilities are endless.

Azuma Foods Caviars and Seaweed Salad are convenient additions to your poke bowl.
Pre-seasoned and ready-to-serve, building your own colourful 'Poke Bar' with little preparation is possible!

Hawaiian Poke