FAQFrequently Asked Questions

  • Q-022.

    What is Tako Wasabi?

    Affectionately known as “Tako Wasa (たこわさ)”, Tako Wasabi is a Japanese Bar delicacy, made from raw or cooked octopus & spicy Wasabi horseradish.


    Azuma Foods Japan is the original founder of this unique dish! For special feature Tako Wasabi Origin Story, please visit Azumatei – Tako Wasabi Story

  • Q-015.

    Are you fishermen?

    No, we are a secondary food processing company. We make products such as deli salads, caviars, and other processed frozen foods.

  • Q-008.

    How did you make caviars so crunchy?

    Some caviars are naturally crunchy! Depending on species and egg maturity, some fish eggs are called Roe instead of Caviar. Roe tend to be smaller than 1cm size eggs and has soft paste texture.

  • Q-001.

    What is the difference between Masago and Tobikko?

    Masago and Tobikko are caviars from different fish species.


    Masago (direct translation from Japanese meaning “fine/small sand”) is generally eggs from Capelin, which is about 1mm in size. They have a crunchier texture and can be cooked in dishes like Pasta or Fried Rice.


    Tobikko (direct translation from Japanese meaning Tobi/flying + Ko/child) is specifically eggs from Flying Fish, which is about 2mm in size. They have a brilliant gem-like appearance, and are recommended for cold garnish.